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Industrial Hygiene


Industrial Hygiene

StratifiedInc is committed to protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace and the community. Our certified scientists and engineers assist clients in identifying and evaluating potential risks associated with asbestos, lead, mold and radon


StratifiedInc performs the following industrial hygiene services:

StratifiedInc provides leaking storage tanks assessments from leak discovery to case closure.

These services include:
* Investigations and examinations of hazards and potential dangers
* Recommendations on improving safety of the environment
* Conducting research to possible harmful conditions
* Ensuring that workers are following health and safety procedures

StratifiedInc works to construct and implement cost-effective and practical health and safety programs and effectively manages the risks and liabilities associated with your business.

Asbestos Surveys 

Stratified’s qualified staff inspects and identifies suspect asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and characterizes sites for natural geologic deposits are known as “Naturally Occurring Asbestos” (NOA). An asbestos containing material or naturally occurring asbestos survey is conducted by a trained and licensed inspector and the scope of work typically involves:

* A visual inspection for asbestos
* Sampling for asbestos
* Asbestos Analysis
* A summary report

Depending on the client’s specific needs, Stratified can provide services from limited asbestos sampling for minor renovation projects to comprehensive asbestos surveys for demolition and major renovation projects, as well as dust mitigation plans during construction projects involving naturally occurring asbestos.

Facilities Surveys
Stratified provides a wide range of asbestos consulting and asbestos inspection services to public and private sector clients. Stratified provides experienced registered EPA Accredited Asbestos-trained professionals on staff, experienced in providing clients with cost-effective solutions to asbestos concerns. Stratified helps property owners meet legal requirements while reducing their liability to asbestos containing material or naturally occurring asbestos exposure. 

Air Monitoring/Clearance & Project Oversight
Stratified provides air monitoring and project oversight to ensure that bid specifications are followed, safe work practices are utilized and air fiber levels are maintained below regulatory levels or project specific levels.  

Asbestos Removal Project Design
Stratified provides in-house resources to develop detailed specifications for projects involving the removal of any or all asbestos containing material. This includes project management, preparation of bid specifications and assistance in qualifying and selecting abatement contractors.

Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA)
Asbestos-containing dust can be generated when asbestos-containing rocks are crushed or broken through natural weathering processes or through activities such as construction, grading, quarrying or surface mining. This dust may pose serious health risks to people who inhale this material.

There are important differences between asbestos containing material or naturally occurring asbestos. Primarily, the California Air Resources Board set a limit of 0.25% asbestos versus >1% asbestos for asbestos containing material. Heightened data documentation is necessary in order to ensure correct characterization of regulated naturally occurring asbestos. Most analytical laboratories are used to identify high grade mined asbestos, not naturally occurring asbestos.

Stratified has technical staff experienced in every analytical aspect of asbestos including the ability to determine whether the naturally occurring asbestos characterization fits with the EPA’s definition of regulated asbestos.



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