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Site Assessments


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) 

Stratified works on behalf of all parties in real estate transactions including; buyers, sellers, investors, and lenders. To ensure our work meets the highest standards, Stratified follows the industry recognized ASTM guidelines (ASTM e1527-13 and the Federal EPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standard). We understand the importance of helping the deal come together and strive to determine “real” environmental concerns and not raise red flags or where issues can be resolved in the Phase I ESA process.

As a result, only 15% of our Phase I site assessments end up requiring additional sampling or Phase II work. As one of the leading environmental consulting firms in California, Stratified can provide the quick turn-around that is often required during the due diligence period of a real estate transaction. 


Phase II Environmental Site Assessments 

The purpose of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is to determine the presence, likely presence, or absence of substances (constituents of concern) in environmental media including; soil, soil vapor, groundwater, surface water, and indoor air.

Phase IIs are typically conducted as a result of Recognized Environmental Conditions identified in a Phase I ESA.

Phase II ESAs assist our clients in evaluating potential environmental risks, health risks, financial risks, and potential liability associated with these risks based on our clients needs and potential uses of the Site.  

Phase I ESA includes 

* Records Review
* Environmental Database Search
* Regulatory Agency Records Review
* Historical Document Review (Historical Aerial Photographs, Topographic Maps, Sanborn Maps, City Directories, Title Reports and Other Land Use Records
* Geologic and Hydrogeology Review
* Site Reconnaissance
* Interior and Exterior site walk through
* Interviews
* Phase I ESA User
* Owners, Property Managers, and Occupants
* All knowable Parties
* Government Agencies
* Non-Scope Additional Considerations
* Lead
* Asbestos
* Radon
* Polychlorinated biphenyl’s (PCBs) (light ballasts & electrical) transformers
* Electronic PDF Reporting
*A digital report summarizing all findings, with color photos, and color site maps. Phase II Environmental Site Assessments  

Phase II ESA may include some or all of the following services 

* Sampling of Environmental Media
* Soil Boring Investigation
* Soil Sampling
* Soil Vapor/Soil Gas Sampling
* Groundwater Sampling
* Sampling of building materials 



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